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Miners recover yesterdays losses, with some saying the government is too slow, a problem caused by a lack of infrastructure and oversight," he said. "The people who own and operate Bitcoin mining machines have a stake in maintaining bitcoin and there is widespread disagreement about how Bitcoin will proceed in the future."

For their part, the new government is intent on pursuing policy change, with the aim of raising the currency's value and providing better services for the more than 12 million people currently mining bitcoins, according to a recent report by Bitcoin Magazine.

The new government has already made some changes, as well as adopting one of the most controversial government programs ever: creating two new cryptocurrency exchanges, one that offers services such as Bitcoin trading and digital currency deposits, and the other that will start accepting Bitcoin-based payments and services. The exchanges, according to the paper, will allow people to trade virtual currency (BTC) as well as cash for cash using the government's new Bitcoin bank, along with a merchant wallet, a service that will enable them to convert bitcoins into local fiat currency.

If this sounds familiar, it should. Back in October, US lawmakers approved a sweeping crackdown against the virtual currency. US Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced that Bitcoin was an illegal currency that must be regulated like any other currency, and in a December letter to Congress President Obama announced an anti-money laundering program that will allow for the government to identify and prosecute anyone who attempts to launder any bitcoin value.

For a number of miners, this could mean a quick halt in mining, leaving the likes of Roger Ver, an anti-government activist, to work to bring about change.

"For Roger, [allowing virtual currencies] was his last stand," Joffe said, explaining his thinking when the US government's plans to regulate Bitcoin were announced. "He can't go back on his word, and in order to make sure the government doesn't go after him, you've got to take him down. It's important for the United States to do so. If the government isn't going to allow the US to do its job, then Bitcoin miners can at least help to set the tone for that."

As for what the future holds for Bitcoin mining, Joffe is optimistic about the future, and sees the market's increasing acceptance of the virtual currency as proof of bitcoin's lasting value.

"As I continue to work with miners, I'm hopeful that as the adoption comes, it will show up that Bitcoin is an alternative currency that can be more efficient than anything on the market today," he said. "For me, what makes this so remarkable is the way that it is being used."

Japanese deep diving submarine to target active volcano that threatens sea link to Mumbai

On March 27, 2015, two divers were found dead in Chennai, the city where the Vyapam submarine (a type of nuclear submarine built by the United States) was launched from. They had allegedly drowned while trying to set off a nuclear device from inside the submarine.

The Submarine Warfare Center of the India Navy (SVCAI) in Chennai has admitted that the incident, and subsequent death of a couple from Kerala last week, are yet another "conversion" incident.

According to Vyapam submariners, they are being "billed" by "deep personnel" from the South China Sea, so as to convince them that the danger comes from above. They have, therefore, allegedly warned the Kerala State authorities that they are not alone in these operations. The submariners do not want a confrontation. So they simply disappear, like the police who allegedly disappeared a man from Madurai in 2010 after he tried to take part in a search and rescue operation.

The submersibles are now supposedly being used against active volcano that threatened sea link to Mumbai's Narita airport and other Indian cities.

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Рекламирайте и лейди популар!

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Не е нужно Таня!!!

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